Guard services, security technology




  • Site, warehouse, office block and shop protection

  • Gatekeeping and reception desk services

  • Comprehensive property protection analysis

  • Risk assessment, patrols

  • Creating internal security regulations

  • Designing and installing anti burglary systems

  • Event protection

  • Executive protection

  • Preventing high profile theft



Bonus service

Order guard or patrol services and get bonus services for free and a discount on other services.


Free of charge service

  • investigation of special security events in connection with the guarding of the facility in question

  • private investigation concerning unlawful acts, based on special requests made by customers, preparing documentation for reports of criminal activities to the police


Services with discount

  • acquiring business and company information

  • debt management and recovery

  • prevention of high profile thefts


Guarded and patrolled facilities (1999-2010)


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We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, member of the relevant chamber and fully insured.



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