Dispute resolution, mediation
(based on Act LV of 2002)



Progrespol Kft. acquired a mediation license (license number: IM/IGKOD/2006/KÖZVET/1995) from the Ministry of Justice in 2006.


What mediators do

  • harmonizing the various parties' standpoints, mediators try and facilitate out of court resolutions

  • mediators relieve courts


Legal entity

Progrespol Kft.

Mediation registration number: J/000343


Natural persons


István Fehér mediator (since 2004)

mediation license number: 000761/1

  • personal and family disputes

  • financial claims


Dr. Edit Benke-Szabó (from 2004 to 2009, on hold since 2009)

  • civil disputes


József Illés mediator (since 2004)

  • traffic and traffic related procedural disputes


Arrange for an appointment and we will describe the procedures that apply, the advantages they come with and the successful methods we use while mediating.


Request an offer and/or more information completing our online form, or in person, by phone, via email or conventional letter. For details see our Contact page.




We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, member of the relevant chamber and fully insured.



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