Private investigation
(based on Act CXXXIII of 2005)



Our private investigation related services are carried out by our licensed professionals, based on Act CXXXIII of 2005.


Basic service

  • verifying and collecting information

  • acquiring information


Areas of operation

  • legally obtainable information in the private and business spheres



  • acquiring business and company information

  • gathering information in support of legal cases

  • wealth assessment

  • environmental studies

  • adultery related investigations

  • tracking down lost people or those of unknown whereabouts

  • obtaining unique information, photo, video and audio documenting (in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 and the Hungarian Civil Code)

  • shadowing people in public spaces, surveillance of facilities

  • prevention of high profile thefts


Trust us with your confidential, time-consuming or complicated assignments, as long as they are legal. We work in secrecy and we take full legal, moral and financial responsibility for our actions.


Request an offer and/or more information completing our online form, or in person, by phone, via email or conventional letter. For details see our Contact page.




We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, member of the relevant chamber and fully insured.



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