Debt management and recovery
(debtor and debtee protection)



Managing and recovering debts is an area of our activities that has much in common with licensed private investigation but is concerned primarily with resolving financial disputes.

Our highly qualified specialists successfully collect legally justifiable, properly documented and still due debts. They also represent our clients while recovering and take care of all the paperwork and administrative tasks.


We represent our customers in negotiations with debtors and debtees or the authorities in bankruptcy, winding up, collection related and other legal procedures.


Our professionals

offer problem solving in various areas

  • combining experience in the field of security with the mediation methods we have created and used so successfully,
  • relying on our wide network of connections while
  • being open to resolutions that harmonize the interests of the parties in disagreement.


Basic principles

  • operativity
  • objectivity
  • flexible, cost-effective solutions
  • treating opponents as equals




  • legal specialist
  • financial and accounting specialists (auditors, accountants)
  • tax advisors, tax experts
  • consultants and our countrywide network of professionals.



  • of ongoing legal procedures
  • supplying information for legal purposes
  • wealth assessment for financial dispute resolutions or collections.


Countries of operation

  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Romania and other EU countries

Trust us with the preparations and market research for selling your share in a business or a high value possession of another nature.

Arrange for an appointment and we will give you overview of successfully wound up cases (with the prior consent of the customers involved) or other problem-solving related past projects.


Request an offer and/or more information completing our online form, or in person, by phone, via email or conventional letter. For details see our Contact page.




We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, member of the relevant chamber and fully insured.



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